President Rashid Meets Yazidi Leader


The President of the Republic of Iraq, Abdullatif Jamal Rashid met with the Leader of the Yazidis in Iraq and the world, Hazem Tahseen Said Ali, who was accompanied by a delegation including tribal chiefs and representatives of the Yazidi communities, at the Baghdad Palace.

Yazidis are the indigenous people of Iraq; they stood beside their fellow countrymen in the war against the criminal groups of Daesh, and made the ultimate sacrifices, His Excellency went on to note, the Yazidis have been subjected to the most horrific crimes, including forcible displacement, slavery, and murder.

It's time to address the protracted issues and concerns, and provide them with the necessary care and attention, HE added.

His Excellency asserted that he was deeply shocked by the terrible crimes committed by Deash against the Yazidis, the former regime’s crimes against our civilian people in Halabja had a similar effect on me. He noted that all the parties support the Yazidi cause.

President Rashid hailed the stance taken by Germany’s lower house of parliament and other countries to recognise as “genocide” the 2014 massacre committed against Iraqi Yazidi people by the Daesh terrorist group in Iraq.

We must work toward allowing displaced people to return to their homes as soon as possible, where the right conditions including security and stability must be ensured. The file of displaced people has to be addressed and put an end to their suffering in the camps. The Sinjar district should be rebuilt as soon as possible, His Excellency President Rashid said, while adding that I called upon the United Nations Agencies and the Iraqi Minister of Migration and Displaced to step up their efforts and reorganise the Sinjar's Departments.

Emir Hazem stressed that Yazidis are proud of their national identity, and they are determined to reinforce the unity among the Iraqi people, thereby promoting social cohesion in the society and maintaining civil peace and security.

The Head of the delegation expressed his desire and hope that His Excellency will take the responsibility for defending the rights of Yazidis and supporting their demands for the safe return to their homes, rebuilding Sinjar, and ensuring the necessary public services for the local population.



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