President Rashid Meets the Head of Parliament Oil, Gas and Natural Resources Committee


On Tuesday, March 28, 2023, the President of the Republic of Iraq, Abdullatif Jamal Rashid met with the Chair of the Parliament Oil, Gas and Natural Resources Committee, Hibat Al-Halbusi, alongside his First and Second deputies and other members of the Committee. The meeting was held in Baghdad.

His Excellency emphasized the importance of approving the oil and gas law as soon as possible, so as Iraqi people can equitably and equally enjoy the country's wealth as it belongs to the people and the generations to come. The approval of the law is a matter of critical importance for finding the solutions to the lingering issues between Baghdad and Erbil, HE, added.

It is vital to support the oil industry, particularly with regard to investment projects in the gas, oil explorations, and refining industries sectors, with a focus on the need to break down the barriers that they face, President went on to note that priority is given to these sectors in the government's agenda.

There is a need for good plans and management and the use of modern methods to implement the projects, that aim to increase and improve the levels of oil production, the President underscored. These included working on finding appropriate mechanisms that help to make use of the country's natural gas and don't waste it, as well as reduce reliance on imported oil derivatives, he noted.

President Rashid talked about his participation in the UN 2023 Water Conference in New York, and what has been shown by the Iraqi delegation at the Conference, where the social stability and the livelihoods of Iraqi people are threatened by water scarcity.

Sustainable solutions are urgently needed to address Iraq’s water crisis at local, national, and even international levels, the President asserted and highlighted that some of the heads of the states participating in the Water Conference show their solidarity and their support for Iraq to address the water shortages and climate change, diversification and droughts that pose significant risks to Iraq.

The Chair of the Committee, Al-Halbusi emphasized that the Committee follows the President's valuable guidance, and it works on investing in the country's natural resources in a better way to achieve progress and prosperity for Iraq and its people. He called upon the President for taking up the issue of water and finding solutions that would help mitigate its effects.

Furthermore, he said that the Committee works on approving the oil and gas law, adding that most of the political blocs have the desire to pass this law, to strengthen and develop the country's oil sector.



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