The President Meets Baghdad's Governor


On Thursday, May 25, 2023, the President of the Republic of Iraq, Abdullatif Jamal Rashid met with the Governor of Baghdad, Mohammed Jaber al-Atta, at the Baghdad Palace.

The projects carried out by Baghdad's Governor and the services provided to the citizens were discussed during the meeting.

 President Rashid emphasized that essential services must be provided to Baghdad's population, with a focus on the need to improve public life and work toward maintaining public order, and these should be in line with Baghdad's historical role and its position as the cradle of civilizations.

 Security and stability are key pillars in the process of building the life of the peoples, His Excellency stressed, and education programs which increase public awareness towards promoting the concept of citizenship, the commitment to the homeland and relying on the Iraqi competencies living in the country is an essential need.

The President underlined that Baghdad is an important anchor for culture, science and literature, so planning and statistics authority is needed, and the developed world relies on the programs, and plans.

How important it is to establish a public park where statues of Iraq's fallen heroes are displayed to commemorate all those who made the ultimate sacrifices for the homeland, President Rashid continued to say. Orphanages and persons with special needs and disabilities are needed to be given more care and attention.

Mr. al-Atta briefed His Excellency President Rashid about the Governorate's working mechanisms, its plans, and the obstacles that it faces. Furthermore, he highlighted that a cultural project is needed to raise public awareness respecting the State and its installations.



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