President Masum Meets with Polish PM

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H.E. Dr. Fuad Masum the President of the Republic met with Mrs. Beata Szydło the Polish Prime Minister, today morning Tuesday November 7, 2017, and discussed with her the ways to develop bilateral relations between Iraq and Poland in all fields, especially economic and security, and activate the bilateral agreement signed between the two countries last year.
While expressing his thanks to the Polish government for the warmth of the reception and interest in supporting Iraq, and praised the friendly relations between the two countries, he expressed Iraq's readiness to reach the most close and broad levels of cooperation with Poland in the fields of industry, agriculture, trade, restoration of monuments, development of infrastructure and modernization of suspended factories. He also focused on Iraq's interest in take advantage from Polish expertise in these areas, calling on the Polish government to address the Polish debt on Iraq on the basis of the Paris Convention as well as support the return of civil aviation between the two countries and facilitate the granting of mutual visas and encourage trade exchange and tourism.
President Masum stressed that the victory over terrorism and terrorist groups is requesting international cooperation in order to achieve a comprehensive and strategic victory over terrorism by eliminating its extensions in other regions and achieving peace and security in all countries of the region and the world, calling on Poland and the European Union for a joint global effort to achieve this.
In turn, Mrs. Szydło the Prime Minister stressed that the government of her country blessed the victories achieved by the Iraqi security forces against the terrorist organization of ISIS, stressing at the same time that Poland is ready and willing to develop and expand cooperation and joint action between the two countries in all fields, including the security field and interested in studying and working to create conditions of wide cooperation to serve the common interests of the two friendly peoples.


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