President Masum Condoles Muslims for the Arba'een of the Martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS)

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H.E. Dr. Fuad Masum the President of the Republic addressed a statement of condolence, today, Wednesday, November 8, 2017, to Muslims and all mankind on the commemoration of the Arba'een of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS).
The following is the full text:
"In the name of Allah the Merciful
O Sons of our Proud People,
Peace, mercy and blessings of God
Muslims throughout the globe commemorate these days the rituals of the Arba'een of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein bin Ali (AS), his family and his companions who sacrificed themselves in defense of the values of right, justice and dignity in the face of injustice, falsehood and tyranny.
By reclaiming these worship rites, which were the culmination of the Ashura ceremonies of each year, Iraqis have been inspired by the noble meanings of sacrifice, martyrdom and steadfastness in order to realize the truth and to vanquish the falsehood that has formed, over the ages, a supreme sign inspired by the millions who were united by the glory of this commemoration despite the multiplicity of their components and the diversity of their sects, nationalities and religions as a whole with the values of goodness, love, patriotism and sincerity.
Our people salute the rite of the Arba'een of the martyrdom and heroism this year as they approach the decisive final victory over the terrorist gangs of ISIS, with the help of Allah Almighty, and thanks to the strength of the will of the Iraqis, their national unity and the bravery and sacrifices of all formations of our armed forces that have achieved heroic victories after victories, thus defending not only the interests of our people, but also the interests of the peoples of the region and the world as a whole, which raised the appreciation and support of the entire international community.
Our people, who have made great sacrifices in their holy battle against the criminal organization of ISIS, were culminated these days in liberation of the city of al-Qaim and the entire areas south of the Euphrates River to the international border. Our people stand today united to protect their homeland, their rights and freedoms, on top of them are the right of all its components and sects to practice rituals and rites in security, dignity and tolerance, defying as such the wills of atonement and extremism inherited from the same tyranny that Imam Hussein (AS) had addressed, which are the ethics of killing innocent citizens, enslaving women and violating their dignity, the destruction of mosques, churches and temples and fueling fabricated sectarian and religious strife. The crime of targeting pilgrims heading to the tombs of the infallible imams represents another ugly episode in the series of crimes of the remnants of the defeated terrorist gangs of ISIS.
Glory to the martyrs of all components of our people, and may the noble values, which Imam Hussein (AS), his family and his companions had martyred for, be triumphant. May God save everyone.. And may Allah cherish Iraq with the unity of its people and the bravery of its armed forces..
May the will of evil, terrorism and tyranny be defeated.
Peace, mercy and blessings of God.
 Fuad Masum
President of the Republic"

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