President Masum Congratulates Muslims and mankind on the anniversary of the Prophet's Holy Birth

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H.E. Dr. Fuad Masum the President of the Republic congratulated, today Wednesday November 29th 2017, Muslims in Iraq and in the entire world and mankind for the anniversary of the Prophets Holy Birth.
In the following tis the full text:
“With the anniversary of the Birth of the Prophet of Mercy and faith the Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah (peace be upon him), and with the brightness of the light of good and peace, we extend our warmest congratulations and blessings to the people of our people and to all Muslims in the outskirts of the earth and the mgarb and to all mankind on this blessed occasion, reminding them of the values of peace, love and tolerance, and of the call for sublimation, the unity of hearts, the unification of ranks and the word for justice, and rejection of aggression, injustice and hatred.
In this occasion, we are inspired by all the great values enshrined in the noble message of heaven, embodied in the Prophet's noble biography, foremost among which are the values of pure faith, fraternity, love and peace among human beings, we also respect the principles of justice, ethic of tolerance and respect for the right, and the protection and unification of the people of all peoples in all its components and strata without discrimination, which are lofty values that guide us towards the importance of consolidating the bonds of love and reconciliation among all our people and the efforts to work faithfully on the path of building a prosperous future for Iraq, and his future generations.
The commemoration of the noble Prophet's Birth in the circumstances of the historic victory achieved by our people on terrorism and thanks to the strength of the will of the Iraqis and their national unity and the bravery and sacrifices of our armed forces in all their formations, to liberate its territory from the scums of ISIS gangs, inspire us to continue our people fighting the forces of darkness and takfiri that have spread murder, destruction and destruction and devastation in important areas of Iraq and the region, and also to move forward to win the battles of construction and reconstruction and success in the upcoming elections, to ensure the return of displaced persons, to achieve community reconciliation, to strengthen national unity and to guarantee the rights and freedoms of all Iraqis, to uphold the Constitution, protect Iraq's unity and sovereignty, develop its federal democratic system, resolve all our differences through dialogue and understanding, guided by the values of the Prophet Muhammad in the coexistence and love and the rejection of discrimination and fanaticism and extremism and the dark thought, and derived from the biography of its noble prophet insist on moving forward, in order to provide a decent life for the Iraqi people and preserve dignity, and to be as an example for our solidarity and cohesion, the reconstruction of our country and the future of generations to come.
Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah upon you
Fuad Masum
The President of the Republic”


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