President Masum: Let the New Year be the Year of the Return of the Displaced People, Reconstruction, Elections, the Establishment of the Federation Council and End of Congestion

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H.E. Dr. Fuad Masum the President of the Republic, on Sunday, December 31, 2017, addressed the Iraqis and the world on the occasion of the New Year, hoping that the year would be a year of the return of the displaced people, reconstruction, elections, the establishment of the Federation Council, end of the congestion and the development of the political process as a whole. The following is full text:

"In The Name Of Allah The Most Merciful The Most Gracious,
Peace, mercy and blessings of God,

With the preeminence of the New Gregorian Year, we extend our warmest greetings and congratulations to the Iraqi people and to all the peoples of the world. We also hope that next year will be a year of peace, progress, prosperity and love for all.
The past year has been the year of our people's great victory over terrorism. It began with the heroic victory achieved by our valiant armed forces on last January 23, by liberating the left coast of the city of Mosul from the profanity of the terrorist gangs of ISIS, followed weeks later by the victorious march to liberate the right side and the entire city of Mosul, after being dominated by that criminal organization for more than three painful years and consider it an eternal capital of its barbarous and barbaric pseudo state.
And here we are now turning on the year 2017, as our proud people have marked their final and decisive victory over the terrorist organization of ISIS in an eternal heroic battle that has raised the esteem, admiration and solidarity of the peoples of the world.
This victory would not have been achieved without the rigidity and depth of our national unity and the heroism and sacrifice of all components and spectrum of our people in defense of their freedom, unity, national sovereignty, dignity and the future of their future generations and the future of life and human dignity. It would not have been culminated with such bright consecutive victories without the efficiency, combat morale, and the spirit of heroism and steadfastness demonstrated by all formations of our armed forces in from of Counter-terrorism Service, Army and Federal Police Units, security services, the Peshmerga forces, the Popular Mobilization, the Air Force, the Army Aviation, and all those who contributed in any way to the making of this great victory.
As we bid farewell to 2017 with confidence and tranquility in the future of our dear country, we welcome the New Year with greater will and determination to strengthen the unity of Iraq and Iraqis and protect their co-existence on the values of citizenship, justice, brotherhood and mutual keenness, as well as the belief in the importance of promoting the values of democracy and firm adherence to the principles of the Constitution, and the necessity to build the state of institutions, citizenship and rights as all of the current priorities of our people, and the solid foundation for achieving their aspirations for a stable, prosperous, advanced and modern state for all without exception. We are confident that the appearance of each New Year bears by itself a new impetus to confirm the importance of moving forward to deepening and enriching hope for a free, advanced and secure life for all peoples ... within the framework of a humanitarian unity of high-quality objectives, meanings and means.
Warmest congratulations to all Iraqis and all humanity by the New Year.
Let the New Year be a year of benevolence for our people and all the peoples of the earth.
Let it be a year in which the displaced people, and the migrants return to their cities and villages safely and freely, and a year of the reconstruction, elections, the establishment of the Federation Council and the development of the political process to ensure the success and progress of the federal democratic system and the end of the congestion.
Peace for the souls of those who sacrificed and martyred for the sake of freedom and for Iraq and, pride and glory for their decent families who sacrificed their sons in this path, and a speedy recovery of the wounded.
Every year and everyone has a more stable, progressive, happy and peaceful life. "

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

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