The President of the Republic Stresses the Importance of Completing the Late Constitutional Legislation and Delaying the Adoption of the Personal Status Law

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H.E. Dr. Fuad Masum the President of the Republic received Dr. Qasim Al-Aboodi the Deputy Chairman of the Legal Committee in the House of Representatives, at the presidential office in Baghdad today Tuesday January 2, 2018.
At the beginning of the meeting, the President listened to a presentation by Mr. Aboodi on the legislative strategy of the House of Representatives for the second legislative term of the fourth year, including electoral legislation, the draft law of the Federal Supreme Court, the Federation Council and the Personal Status Law.
The President of the Republic stressed the need to give legislative priority to the laws that the Constitution stipulated within a period of time such as the law of the Federation Council, which has to be enacted in the first session and to be formed in the second session, as well as the law of the Federal Supreme Court which is a requirement of the 2005 Constitution.
His Excellency also called to postpone the legislation of the amending of the proposed personal status law and present it to the competent authorities for study and research in it.
He also pointed to the commitment to the constitutional timing of the upcoming parliamentary elections and the need to present the date of the elections on the agenda of the Council.

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