During his visit to the Ministry of Defense the President of the Republic: the Victory is a Pride of all Iraqis and Happiness for All liberals in the Region and the World

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H.E. Dr. Fuad Masum the President of the Republic visited the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense in Baghdad on Monday January 8th 2018, and was received by the Minister Mr. Irfan Al-Hayali upon his arrival.
The ceremony began with the performance of Republican Peace and the show of the Guard of Honor by the President.
The President congratulated the Minister of Defense, the Chief of the Army Staff and senior military commanders and through them to all the commanders, officers and the brave Iraqi army on the occasion of the anniversary of the establishment of the army.
President Masum said in a comprehensive talk that this year's celebration of the founding of the Iraqi army has a special flavor, so as to share with the great victory over the terrorist organization of ISIS and crushing it and liberating the entire national territory and restoring the provinces, cities and villages. He added that this victory will remain a cause of pride for all Iraqis and for the happiness of all liberals in the region and the world, which makes our army and our armed forces in the place it deserves and which calls us to work diligently to work and upgrade the military institution to what should be as an institution and forces to preserve the security of the people and the sovereignty and independence of the country.
"The Iraqi army, which is now respected by the whole world, is the army of all the Iraqis who have gathered around and supported it in order to achieve the clear victory" he said. "The army, whenever it is strong and majestic, achieves security and stability, not in the sense of oppression and force, between the Army and the People's Foundation).
His Excellency praised the sacrifices made by the armed forces in all their formations while they achieved victory. He also praised the heroic role of the commanders, officers, soldiers and other fighters and planners of the battles for their heroism and heroism, which will always be a pride for generations.
He called for working to complete the promoting of the armed forces and develop them on the basis of the professional bases of the armies in democratic countries.
In his talks with the leaders, the president urged the importance of documenting and training commanders and fighters and their experience in tackling this type of terrorism.
His Excellency the Minister of Defense has welcomed the President personally by the names of the leaders and officers for the visit of the President of the Republic to the Ministry and to offer congratulations on this worthy occasion.
The President of the Republic listened to the statements of the Chief of the Army Staff and the leaders present who expressed their gratitude for the visit and what they heard from the President. They also expressed their views on the importance of the next stage in building the army and developing its capabilities and hopes for support and back up in this field.


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