The President of the Republic Meets with the Minister of Interior and Senior Commanders on the Occasion of the Anniversary of the Founding of the Iraqi Police

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H.E. Dr. Fuad Masum the President of the Republic visited the Ministry of the Interior, this afternoon, Wednesday, January 10, 2018.
His Excellency was received by Mr. Qassem al-Araji the Minister of the Interior, Mr. Aqeel al-Khazali the senior deputy minister, senior commanders, commanders and directors of the Ministry of Interior.
The President extended congratulations to the personnel of the ministry and the various services and departments of the Police on the occasion of the anniversary of the founding of the Iraqi Police.
In a conversation inside the ministry, the President praised the heroic role played by the police in their fighting and defeating the terrorist organization of ISIS. He also commended their contribution alongside the various formation of the armed forces and other security services to defend the security of the homeland and citizens as well as their significant efforts to preserve the safety and security of society.
The President wished all formations and forms of the police further progress, advancement and development in a way that realizes the aspiration of all Iraqis in the field of security, stability, professional work and commitment to respect human rights and preserve freedoms.
His Excellency also commended the sacrifices made by the police, praising the heroism of the martyrs who had sacrificed their souls. He also wished the wounded a speedy recovery. In this regard, the President stressed the importance of paying attention to the families of the martyrs and taking care of the wounded in honoring to what they have done for the country and the people.
The President talked about the importance of working to develop the police services and the performance of the various departments of the ministry, stressing on taking care of the intelligence aspect and work to eliminate the sleeper cells of terrorists as well as the eradication of criminal gangs and to promote victory in achieving security and stability in an outstanding manner. His Excellency also stressed on the necessity of benefiting from the expertise of the police services in the democratic countries in a way that helps the ministry to perform well in conditions of peace and provide services to all citizens.
At the onset of the meeting, the Minister of Interior welcomed the President's coming to the ministry, expressing on his behalf and on behalf of the personnel of the Ministry of Interior their appreciation for the visit and receiving congratulations on this dear occasion.
The minister talked about the heroic role of the police forces and the various formations of our armed forces in addressing terrorism, and emphasized that the interior ministry and the police are for all Iraqis regardless to their different religions and ethnics. He also stressed the ministry's keenness on exerting the utmost efforts to help establish security and stability and provide other services to citizens.


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