President of the Republic Receives a Delegation from Dignitaries, Tribal Sheikhs of Kurdistan Region


H.E. Dr. Barham Salih the President of the Republic received a delegation representing the dignitaries and tribal Sheikhs of Kurdistan region to congratulate His Excellency on his election as President of the Republic, at the Presidential Office in Baghdad, today, Saturday, October 13, 2018.
Dr. Barham Salih appreciated the visit of the tribal delegation, emphasizing at the same time the importance of deepening the spirit of brotherhood that binds all components of the Iraqi spectrum and strengthening the national spirit and peaceful coexistence amongst all components of the Iraqi people.
His Excellency also stressed on the need that the next stage shall witness the birth of a strong Iraqi government capable of facing challenges and providing services to all people of Iraq, calling on all benevolent forces, dignitaries, and sheikhs of tribes to contribute to the achievement of the goals that the citizen aspires to of security, stability, prosperity, and protection of the interests of all spectra of the Iraqi people.
The visiting delegation expressed their full support to President Barham Salih on assuming his presidential duties and wished him success in serving the Iraqi people in all their various spectra and components without any discrimination.


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